Thai Best & Poke Bowl
A small restaurant with fine-dining quality at affordable prices.

A restaurant is located in Downtown Hollywood and opens from 2017 until now. Our restaurant is serving a warmness, simple, and cozy atmosphere with only 4-5 tables. We are good at and famous in tasty that comes from Chef Clair’s love.

A lady chef who inherited the recipe from her father who is an expert in the Thai chef industry like Chef Charlie (a famous celebrity chef from Thai TV Channel 5). If we are just a small restaurant but Chef Clair’s food was brought to a banquet in the Trump hotel, Bank of American, and other hotels. In addition, our restaurant also got a top three voted for one of the best delicious Thai food in the Hollywood Florida area.

Our food styles are Fusion and Spicy Thai food. All of the food plates are in a Homemade-style. Recommended menus of our restaurant are Thai Pho noodle soup, Homemade appetizer, Basil Chicken, Tom Kha Gai (Thai chicken coconut soup), Sticky rice with mango, and etc.

We also have healthy food like a Poke bowl. In our restaurant use Thai rice berry which is really healthy and we made Thai Suki sauce in which the taste goes well together with the Poke bowl.

Besides that, inside the restaurant you able to do a unique painting on the wall by yourself and see our mural painting.

Let’s come to try. We are guaranteed delicious taste by Chef Clair, Only here!